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Training Services

The system is user friendly and can be easily used by anyone who has a working knowledge of the prevailing email system In choosing tBits, is assurance for a well-trained staff rests in abundant experience.  The professionals at tBits have trained users in scores of applications over the last decade.  Depending on the scale of installation, clients will be provided with instructor-led training or web-based learning.  In all of our training, we intensely engage the learner using test server and flows that are relevant to their project, so that when they complete training with a hand on practice of the system.

Training Formats

Seminars tBits offers seminars to kick-off the installation of a system. We work closely with our clients to plan these events. The purpose of the seminar is to introduce the system to the users, to demonstrate the product, to plot out for the user the course of events that will unfold as the system is installed, and to introduce the tBits team which will be working with through the installation. Traditional Hands-on Classes The time just prior to the go-live date, classes are scheduled to give the users thorough system training.  We teach from a syllabus and use a test server with a sample database that are approved by the client. Each feature is explored with the user so that by the end of the course, the user has had adequate experience to begin using the system productively.  Quick Courses As the system grows and new features are installed, quick courses are offered to train users on the evolving system.  These courses may be taught in the traditional hands-on format, in a distance-learning environment, or in web-based learning modules. Web-based Learning In large installations, clients may opt for a web-based approach.  Our web-based learning employs as much or more interactivity as does traditional classroom training.  The course is developed using a syllabus and examples that are client-approved.  tBits Wiki tbits has got its Wikipedia on which all the information/documentation is available for the users at a single click. A dedicated team of tBits keep on updating the wiki about the latest development in the system.

Document Control Connoisseur Courses – Transbit Technologies also run document control training programs focused on imparting the document control practices in compliance with various ISO Standards as follows:

  • ISO 15489-1:2001: Information and documentation -- Records management
  • >ISO 12006-2:2001: Building construction -- Organization of information about construction works -- Part 2: Framework for classification of information
  • ISO 22263:2008 :Organization of information about construction works -- Framework for management of project information
  • ISO 82045-5:2005:Document management -- Part 5: Application of metadata for the construction and facility management sector