Technical Evaluation of Bids

Technical Evaluation of Bids (also referred as Technical Bid Evaluation)- Once the project has been divided into packages, the owner floats the tender and invite the bids. Normally - most of the tenders request the bidder to submit their bids in 2 parts - the technical and the commercial part. 

The technical part contains the response of the bidder towards meeting the technical specifications as mentioned in the bid document. The technical part of the bid is normally reviewed by the engineering teams including the consulting engineer for compliance with technical requirements. 

Once the consulting engineers confirms the acceptability of the technical part of the bid, the contracts departments proceeds with opening of the commercial part of the bid for the technically qualified bidders. The process of information interchange between the consulting engineer, owner and the vendor for the evaluation of the compliance of the bid with the technical requirements of the tender is called as Technical Evaluation of the Bid. 

tBits CollabWrite assists you in managing the complete multi-party review workflow for bid evaluation between the various entities.