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tBits CollabWrite - document management software

Engineering Document Management Software

tBits CollabWrite Overview :

tBits Collabwrite is a Web based Engineering Document Management Software (DMS) for the Engineering and Construction Industry. This Document Control System caters to the companies from the domains of Oil & Gas, Power, Construction Industries. This system helps organizations save Time, Money and Resources on projects.

How is Collabwrite Unique?

The most unique feature of Collabwrite Document Management Software is ease of its usage. This ease combined with powerful features expedites decision making and project delivery. The software is seamlessly integrated with Email Systems, Mobile Devices, MS Excel and Windows Explorer.It requires no additional learning, it is as simple as any Email System you are already familiar with.It also offers built-in engineering Industry specific Workflows for Document Review, Engineering Document Version Control & Transmittals.

How does Collabwrite Work?

Collabwrite Document Management Software helps companies

  • Manage all project documents at a Central Repository
  • Track Project Deliverables, Documents,Drawings, Tasks etc
  • Access the Latest Versions of Documents and Drawings
  • Automate the core process of Engineering Design Review Cycle
  • Automate Creation and Sending of Transmittals
  • Control Document Versions in Document History
  • View, Comment, Redaction on Drawings Online

How Does Collabwrite Benefit?

The powerful features of Collabwrite Document Control and Management Software offer various benefits to organizations. These include:

  • Timely Delivery of Project
  • Eliminating loss of Vital information and Documents
  • Managing Risk related to Liquidated Damages, Legal Mitigations
  • Saving Cost of Engineering Rework
  • Reducing efforts in searching and retrieving documents and information