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Advantages of tBits

tBits Advantage

The firm key differentiating factors of tBits:

Product - tBits CollabWrite is a completed web-based application with no installation required on any machine. This is important as in EPC projects there are various external agencies that are to be interfaced and installing an application – particularly in others’ network – and managing the same is not possible. The product is highly customizable in terms of functionality and features (Plugin Architecture) and is truly enterprise class with installations of more than 10,000 users being handled in a single server. The product comes along with connectors for Primavera, Enterprise Resource Planning Software as SAP, Active Directory and Emails system (both sending and receiving emails). We believe that each project is unique and gives a business application - with both on-premise and cloud based options - to automate the customers Records Management Business Process and deliver unmatched Price/Performance Ratio.

People - The firm hires from the best institutions in India and almost the complete technical team is from elite – Indian Institute of Technology. The intellectual capital that talented people bring onto the table enabled the firm to create software that can be customized for the specific requirements of the clients in the EPC industry with minimal code change. The people also bring among themselves the ability to face challenges and deliver results leading to reduced project duration for the customers.

Project Execution – The ability to plan and execute the project along with all project stakeholders holds the key for value creation – for us as well as for our customers. The firm lay’s special emphasis in training its experienced professionals in the domain of project execution – including for the soft-skills that are required for managing internal and external stakeholders. Rather than dealing with a firm that on every change gives the client a change order with financial implications, We believe is catering to the customer's business and if required - we walk an extra mile to ensure that customer delight. The 3-P’s defined above for the firm – enables us to create a superior value and invest the same in our people, processes and product for gaining the sustainable competitive advantage. We encourage you to Contact Us to experience the tBits Advantage