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Role Based Access Control

For any enterprise-wide system, Role based access control is the primary method of restricting access to the information. tBits, being an enterprise-class product, complies with the NIST Standard of Role Based Access Controls (available here 
The role based access control model in tBits allows the administrators to create a static roles - as say that of Managing Director, Project Manager etc and also dynamic roles - say those assosciated with initiator, approver, creator, reviewer etc - which vary from record to record.
Based on the Roles and its permissions, the users in an organisation are given access to the records & documents. The above provide the following benefits:

  1. For Team Members - they don't need to be part specifically for each and every record to access. 
  2. For Administrators - very easy to give permissions - you just have to authorize groups and NOT to individual members. Further- incase of change, giving access to the new members in the project team is a very easy task as they just needs to be made the members of the respective roles. 

The tBits administrator can decide and make as many roles of any type (static or dynamic) created and used as per the project requirements.