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Configurable Output Formats

Configurable Output formats

Each Project is unique. Based on the clients or project requirements, the output formats (look, feel, formatting, colors etc) that are expected from the application are also different.

All the output formats that are required in a Project include the following atleast:

  1. The Document Transmittal Letter / Letter of Transmittal Formats
  2. The Project Record Numbering Systems (Document, Drawings, Letter of Transmittal,Correspondences, Change Orders etc)
  3. The Project Protocols (How the information flow has to happen?)
  4. The Correspondence Letter Formats
  5. The Document Coversheet Formats
  6. The email notification formats
  7. The MIs Report formats
  8. The Workflows Document Review and Approval Workflows, Squad Checks etc
  9. The Business rules as associated with Data Validation, Email Notifications, Escalations etc
  10. The metadata or classification related information

tBits CollabWrite document control software ensures that as a customer you are in a position to configure all the above as per your project requirements without affecting the other projects that are running.

Further – you can change any of the above at any point of time without affecting performance or business continuity.