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Reduce Risks

tBits CollabWrite assists you in minizing the following risks:
Risk of Claims, Liquidated Damages and Penalties
Most contracts have clauses associated with the Liquidated Damages, Penalties etc for compensating the owner due to deficiencies in work/quality and delays caused by the contractor. Many of the liquidated damages cases also are legally challenged and end up in courts and arbitration panels.
For the fair settlement of any such contentious issue, the records and facts serve the basis. These records - including the dates as mentioned in Letter of transmittals, inspection calls, MDCC certificates etc - assist the parties in objectively determining the sources and place of delays. 
tBits - by ensuring that all your project records - are available in a single place, searchable on a single click and are in a format that they will stand as evidence in the court of law, significantly reduces the risk associated with you becoming a victim of a claim that you are not able to defend due to lack of objective records.

Risk of incorrect revision documents being used at Constriction Site
One of the most common mistake in any construction project is usage of incorrect revision of drawings / documents that has been superceded is being used for work. The problem is further exercerbated by the following:

  1. The work happens on paper plots and its hard to validate from paper based documents - if the paper plots that you are holding are the latest or have been superceded. 
  2. The agencies that are working using the drawings - don't have a direct access to the central system where the records are maintained. 

tBits resolve the above problem using the modern mobile phones with data connectivity - that can scan the codes printed on the files and instantly contact the server and get the results of the file being used for construction is the latest drawing or not. More about the above is available at Using Latest Drawings for Construction

How you benefit?

  1. You can be assured that all the documents that are required as evidence are available at a single location and accessible by a click of a mouse. So even if the people change in the project - your project information is intact and accessible to all concerned.
  2. Studies done by reputed consultants have shown that by elimination of reworks in large infrastructure projects - there is a direct saving of anout 1.5 to 2% of the project cost for Asset Owners.