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How we Benefit You?

TransBit Technologies Software Private Limited (TTSPL) offers software products that create value for the customers as follows:

  1. Increasing Productivity - 

“An estimated 40 percent of an engineer's time is spent looking for and validating engineering models, drawings, documents, and content.This is costing the infrastructure industry almost $16 billion annually.” Aug’04, National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), USA

tBits CollabWrite assist the customers in increasing the productivity of their engineers by automating many of the routine tasks associated with document control and document management by

  1. Robust Search - including inside the documents to quickly locate the deliverable on which you have to act.
  2. Automated Creation of output formats as Document Transmittal Notes, Inspection Call Formats, Acknowledgement on DTN's, Material Dispatch Clearance Certificates, Correspondence Letters etc.
  3. Automated Quality Checks on deliverable documents & drawings
  4. Automated Creation of the Document Cover-sheets
  5. Automated Routing for approval workflows based on deliverable types
  6. Automated Reminders & Escalations to save time in expediting. 
  7. Automated Scheduled MIS Reporting dispatch to concerned people.

Reducing Costs - tBits help firm in reducing the direct costs associated with the following:

  1. Environmental Costs - As you work increasingly on digital documents, tBits assist you in saving upto 80% of cost associated with Paper & Printing of documents & drawings.
  1. Dispatch & Communication Costs - tBits as single application automates various project workflows and also provides a platform for interchange of large documents eliminating the need to print and dispatch hardcopies. In most cases - hard-copies of documents required - as Released for Construction Drawings - are plotted on worksite - nearly completely eliminating the cost associated with the dispatch of documents. 
  2. Cost of Reworks - 

“Productivity of Engineers involved in EPC Projects in India can be increased upto 70% by using the right IT tools. Access to updated, relevant information reduces mistakes, reworks during execution, assist in preventing delays and can potentially save 2-3% of the project cost for owners” - McKinsey & Company 

tBits by offering innovative technologies - including the ability to validate the printed drawings using codes that are readable by mobile phones - can prevent substantial reworks at project sites and saving time and money for all project stakeholders.

Reducing Risks - Most contracts have clauses associated with the Liquidated Damages, Penalties etc for compensating the owner due to deficiencies in work/quality and delays caused by the contractor. Many of the liquidated damages cases also are legally challenged and end up in courts. 

For the fair settlement of any such contentious issue, the records and facts serve the basis. These records - including the dates as mentioned in Letter of transmittals, inspection calls, MDCC certificates etc - assist the parties in objectively determining the sources and place of delays. 

tBits - by ensuring that all your project records - are available in a single place, searchable on a single click and are in a format that they will stand as evidence in the court of law, significantly reduces the risk associated with you becoming a victim of a claim that you are not able to defend due to lack of objective records.