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Value Creative Licensing

Licensing Options for tBits CollabWrite
Licensing is an important component that determines the overall investments tobe made in a business solution. This is particularly difficult and confusing preposition when it comes to web-based solutions where all your project participants are also to be allowed to interact with you. 
The traditional pricing models that revolve around "Per User" licensing doesn't work as you don't want to be in a situation where one of your project partners requests for additional user access and you refuse leading to a situation where his team shares the user credentials between them. Further - the "Concurrent Licensing" methodology does really work for Web-Applications.  
Taking congnizance of the challanges associated with licensing for the project application, TransBit goes by the following Licensing Methods:

  1. Single Project Licence with UNLIMITED number of users - Frequently used by firms - who are either doing their first project or want to try the product before graduating to CPU Core License.
  2. CPU Core Licence with UNLIMITED number of users and UNLIMITED number of Projects. - Preferred by the clients who want to adopt tBits CollabWrite across their organisation for all projects.

Both the above licensing options ensure that your investments in the application are known upfront, predictable and doesn't increase with time. Further - given that there are several modules offering differing functionality - you can pick and choose which modules you need and licensing is accordingly applied.
RoBOTic Document Control - Licensing
RoBOTic Document Control is licensed on SUCCESSFUL USAGE basis.
TransBit Partners with the clients to offer the RoBOTic Document Control Assistants and also undertakes the responsibilitty of managing them during the lifecycle of the projects to ensure that they work flawlessly for the customer. Client pays to the TransBit on per successful transaction performed by RoBOTic Document Control Assistants.
Under the above program, client benefits by the following:

  1. Costs are linked to successful transactions and are NOT Fixed Cost to clients - If there is a drop in transactional volume in the project - say due to slowdown etc - then your document control costs proportionately goes down. 
  2. If - due to any reason - RoBOTic Document Control Assistants are NOT able to work to perfection - you don't need to pay for them. Its the complete responsibility of transbit to manage and maintain the RoBOTic Document Control Assistants and make necessary changes - if required - after performing the Root Cause Analysis. So - clients have assurance of usage of the application and also a guarentee of its sustainance and management. 

The amount as per agreed terms - is payable at the end of the period - usually monthly payments.