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Configurable Record Numbering Schemes

Configurable Record Numbering Schemes

All Project Records require unqiue numbering for its unique identification.


The situation is further complicated as certain records as Document or Drawing number can have multiple Numbering methods applicable to them.

There can be

  • An Owner Drawing Number
  • A Contractor Drawing Number
  • A Vendor or OEM Drawing Number

All of them mentioned in the Drawing Title Blocks.

As these number identify a record, a mistake in the numbering system can have far reaching implications in the overall management of project records.

Common Mistakes in Record Numbering Systems in Projects

Some of the most common mistakes that are done in the Numbering Systems are as follows:

  1. Uniqueness NOT Maintained - The same number has been used for referring to different drawings - defeating the very purpose of numbering itself.
  2. Numbering Scheme as specified is NOT Followed - Due to different numbering systems as applicable to the Drawings (For Example), firms many a times fail to follow the numbering system as specified by the other agency as Owner while numbering the documents.

To overcome these basic problems associated with numbering of Project Records as Documents, Drawings, Correspondences, Design Change Notes, Technical Queries etc , tBits provides you a completely configurable automated Record Numbering feature that you can use when required.

Benefits of Automated Numbering System

  1. Uniqueness is Maintained - as the document number is always system generated, system checks and ensures that the uniqueness of the numbering is always maintained across the complete project.
  2. Conformance to Owner Specified Numbering Schemes - The system will always generate the numbers as per the numbering methodology as has been specified by the owner for the project and hence there is no chance for errors. 

in addition to generation of the record numbering schemes, if there has been an already specified record numbering scheme and the record number (say document number) has been specified, then in conformance with the logic associated with the record numbering scheme, the system can automatically define the metadata for the records.

The computation of metadata based on record numbering schemes provides the following benefits - 

  1. Lesser number of datafields to be input by the users - making the system easy to use for team-members.
  2. Consistency between the record number and metadata is always maintained.