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Automated Reminders & Escalations

Personalized Reminders in tBits CollabWrite

On Average - 25% of Senior Management's Time goes in Follow-ups!

tBits CollabWrite offer features as automated reminders and escalations based on project and organisational rules.

The automated reminders - send reminder messages via emails and Mobile SMS's. Normally in a project - the number of tasks are large and hence sending an email or SMS per task can be quite irritating for recipient (if a recipient gets 20 emails or SMS's per day - the feature will loose its relevance & impact). To avoid this overload of reminders, tBits CollabWrite Reporting Services create a personalized list of items that are overdue or are upcoming for a project and sends the consolidated List only for the recepient to him.

The above ensures that the users get one email reminder per day that contains all the relevant information for him to act. Further - the look-ahead of the user is also enclosed in the same report.


  1. The personalized report serves as his daily organiser.
  2. The report also serves the purpose of reminding the person about his priorities. 


Along side sending the reminders, the system can also escalate the deliverable and action items in the project hierarchy based on configurable escalation rules. The escalation ensures that relevant information, tasks and deliverable - about which the seniors in the projects are to be informed - happens automatically and is driven by organisational rules and policies. 

Again - rather than sending the escalation notifications via email emails or SMS's, tBits adopts the methodology of sending in a personalized consolidated report to the people to whom things have escalated to for them to review and take corrective actions.

The reports that are sent for reminders and escalations are completely configurable and can change as per the requirements of management from project to project.