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Implementation of the DC- Assist


RoBOTic Document Control Assistant is a SOFTWARE

RoBOTic Document Control Assistant Software is NOT an intelligent software having self-learning capabilities as what the human possess. It complies with the instructions that are programmed into the software. For RoBOTic Document Control Assistant to be able to work, it expects the following: 

  1. Standardized Document Numbering System in a project - Is it expected that there will be some type of document numbering standards applicable.
  2. Standardized Title Block Specifications for the Project for the various page sizes - The title block essentially specifies the relative orientation of the various rectangles and squares that comprise the title block - including the regions where the identification information is available for the drawings. It is atleast required that creators of the drawings should consistently follow the pattern that they have adopted for the title blocks.
  3. Standardized Decision Stamps - The decision stamps via are ticked to indicate the decision that is given on the drawings should again follow a consistant pattern.

If the above inputs are available and applicable to your project - RoBOTic Document Control Assistant Software will work well in your project. Some of the things when the accuracy of RDCA might not be acceptable can include the scenarios as: 

  1. There is a lot of handwritten text - at the places where say attributes as document number are expected.
  2. For decision stamps - there are multiple decisions that has been given or some decision were initially given and then were struck-off’ed.

Deployment Time Frame:

For deploying the RDCA to work on your project standards - normally - it will take between 2-3 weeks depending upon your project standards and available information.

tBits team will work in close collaboration with the document controllers and document control standards setting authorities in the organisation so that they can define the standards related to the quality checks to be performed on the documents etc as per their requirements and proceed with the testing of the application - which is configured as per their requirements. If there is an import of historical data also involved in the project then the time required may increase.

Please contact our sales for a no-obligation discussion about the suitability of RoBOTic Document Control Assistant Software for your organisation. 

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