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Issue Tracking - Expediter

Issues are ubiquitous in organisations. Most of the time that we spend in our corporate emails - is about raising, assigning, fact-finding and resolving issues. 

Issues can emanate from exceptions - as customer complaints or software bugs, action items - that got assigned to you during weekly meeting, brain-storming - when we are discussing possible options/solutions that needs to be further investigated etc during our routine conversations. 

To manage & track issues - we create Excel Worksheets, use shared worksheets on network drives or simply use stickynotes. 

The conventional methods for issue management - emails, Excel Worksheets - though easy to use but offer a challenge in tracking the issues as issue travel (delegated & sub-delegated) between multiple people for fact-finding and many a times are LOST till someone starts making noise and then a reactive fire-fighting operations starts.   

Further - the managerial cadre people - responsible for delegation and resolution of issues - spent considerable time in follow-ups/reminders in knowing about the current status of the issues they had created. 

More-Over - as the organisation collaboratively resolves the issues - a considerable amount of organisational knowledge is captured in resolution discussions - which if captured can aid in speedy resolution of issues if they reoccur. 

To precisely overcome the challenges associated with conventional methodology of creating & managing issues - Transbit Technologies created tBits Expediter - a general purpose issue tracking software. 

Expediter is general purpose highly configurable completely web-based and tightly integrated with email systems issue tracking system that can meet the organisational requirements of issue tracking requirements. 

The key differentiating features of tBits Expediter include:

  1. Issue Initiation - Issue can be generated by sending emails to a specific email address (widely used in support related application) or can be initiated by coming to the web-based interface. The issues can be imported from MS Excel or simply copy-pasted from MS Excel into tBits interface.
  2. Issue Identification - Expediter will generate a unique Record identification for each issue initiated. The issue identification remains constant for a particular issue.
  3. Business Rules & Workflows - For each initiated issue - there can be rules that are required right from it being accepted into system (Say Mandatory Data Requirements) to its closure (say approval workflows before the proposed solution from the technology center can be offered to the site operations).The type of rules, workflows are completely configurable can be defined by the business users.
  4. Email & Mobile Integration - For each issue - depending upon user preferences - there are emails initiated. The recipient of the emails can reply to the emails from their email clients (both computer and mobile based clients are supported) to contribute to the resolution of the issues. The bi-directional email integration makes the system easy to use with minimalistic training.
  5. Automated Reminders & Escalations - Expediter can be configured to send automated reminders (complying to the business rules & conditions) via emails and SMS's. The issues - depending upon escalation conditions defined - can automatically escalate the issues complying to project or organisational hierarchy. 
  6. Automated MIS / Real-Time Dashboards
  7. Powerful Search & retrieval
  8. Extensible as per your needs