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The biggest contribution of computers is reduction in time for searching information.

tBits offers several type of search functionality using which the user can search for relevant information that he is looking in for. The search on following type of contents is supported: 

  1. Simple Search - Based on selection of metadata and attributes - the user can search on all the fields that stores data into the system (referred as Basic Search) . The tBits provides an exhaustive & customizable search interface that can be configured by the administrator as per the business requirements and utility of the fields to the business users. 
  2. Advance Search - The tBits Data Query Language (DQL) allows the users to define their search queries by using combination of fields and logical operators as AND, OR, NOT, Bracket Operations etc (referred as Advance Search). Using the advance search - the users can perform search on all types of fields - including the ones defined by their administrator for capturing additional data while configuring the projects.  
  3. Search inside Attachments - tBits supports search inside the contents that is written inside the files enclosed. tBits searcher can extract the text from the various file formats as MS Office File formats, Image File Formats, PDF's, Vector File Formats (DWG, DGN) etc. By having the ability to extract text and search inside the files in combination with simple and advance search - the user is able to search the information easily.
  4. tBits search is proven on enterprise class and is based on universally accepted industry standard search algorithms that can cater to millions of documents & records of varied type.
  5. The user can save the searches and even set search queries to execute as soon as they login into the application as per their preferences so that they get meaningful actionable data in minimum clicks. 
  6. The user can also select several of the search queries and include them into his "My Searches" so that he can view all those results simultaneously without having to search those queries again and again.