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Minutes of Meeting Management

During the lifecycle of the project – various types of meeting takes place. These meeting may pertain to

  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Internal Project Review
  • Weekly Review – Site
  • Monthly Progress Review Meeting
  • Project Review Meeting
  • Quality Review Meeting
  • Engg Review Meeting
  • Vendor Works Review Meeting

In these meeting, the discussions related to issue take place and at the end of the discussions, corrective actions or action items that are to be done by the various agencies along with their target dates are agreed upon.

tBits CollabWrite – Minutes of Meeting management & Action Item Tracking Module assists the firms in the automation of the complete minutes of meeting management and action item tracking.

Business Benefits:

  1. Generate the Minutes of Meeting Online – The generated minutes of meeting output file has meeting identification number, Action Item identification number, information about Person Responsible, Target Date (including target date changes)and other attributes as required by project team available for signing between the agencies. To view a sample of the MoM Output template for a client – please click here.
  2. Track Action Items from origination to closure – Each Action Item that is defined in the MoM is tracked in it life-cycle from origination to closure – including in which other meeting the action items was discussed. All changes that take place in the action item – as changes in the target date, person responsible etc are tracked with comprehensive MIS available.
  3. Automated Reminders, Escalation and Notifications – Based on the configured notification rules, the reminders are sent to the concerned people. The action items – based on rules- can also be escalated from the responsible people to their supervisors as per configurable escalation rules. The notifications for the reminders and escalations are sent usually via emails, sending the notifications via SMS’s is also supported.
  4. Reduce Risk – The application assists you in reducing the risk associated with non-compliance with contractual requirements and commitments made due to ‘forgetfulness’ of the people in the organization. The system ensures that all commitments made by internal and external stakeholders are complied with.  
  5. Improve Productivity – by automating most common tasks associated with creation of agenda, creation of MoM’s followups, MIS Reporting etc. More information about real-time MIS Reporting is available here.
  6. Improve Collaboration with vendors using bi-directional email integration. You can include the external partners as vendors, contractors etc into the discussions. All they need to do is to respond to the emails that are generated by the application to participate in discussions and updating the tasks. For more information about bi-directional email integration – please click here.