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Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate

Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate (MDCC) - The material dispatch clearance certificate is an authorization certificate that is issued by the ultimate owner of the equipment giving an authorization to the manufacturer to dispatch the item from his works to the construction site. 

The certificate is of huge importance as any material that is received at the project site - if not accompanies by the MDCC, is not accepted. 

Issue of the MDCC by the owner is a major milestone that signifies that the owner has validated the quality of the equipment that will be sent to him and based on the review of quality had given the acceptance to the manufacturer to ship the item from his factory to project site. 

tBits CollabWrite - Inspection Call Management Module automate the complete process of quality administration in a project from the quality plan creation to raising of inspection call to pre-dispatch final inspections to release of MDCC by the owner. The system also integrates the various stakeholders involved in the quality assurance process as Manufacturers, Contractors, Owner and Third Party inspection agencies and caters to the collaborative workflow management requirements of these agencies leading to improved control of the inspection call business process.