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Application Integration


Integration with existing inhouse DMS systems Integration with Primavera & Other Project Planning Softwares
In every project, planning plays an important role. Delivering the project on time with specified specifications and quality is of foremost importance for successful implementation for the project. tBits has got its own S-Curve plotting mechanism which is updated itself for each and every update which is taking place on the documents in the system. The S-Curve plotted by the system has been tested and approved by planning team of EPCM firms in the country. Together with that, the system comes with a flexibility of integrating it with various world class planning tools and software. The system can be easily integrated with the planning software’s as per the specifications of the firm and the planning team can easily update their internal planning software from time to time with few click. Even if the firm wants tBits to fetch data from their planning software, that too is possible.
In short tBits is more of a project control system, rather being a simple document control system.
ERP Softwares
Spread sheet - MS Excel / Formal neutral files as comma separated file formats