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Inspection Call, Pre-Dispatch Inspection Call, Material Dispatch Clearance Certificates

Inspection Call

Inspection Call - In the Manufacturing Quality Assurance Plan (MQAP) & Field Quality Assurance Plan (FQAP), there are various tests that are listed which are to be performed by the manufacturer and may have to be validated, witnessed or reviewed by the Contractor and/or the Owner. The formal process of inviting the contractor and/or owner by the manufacturer for witnessing or reviewing the tests/test documents is called as Inspection Call

An Inspection Call is essentially an invitation that gives the details as 

  1. Tests to be performed by the manufacturers and which involves the contractor and/or owner
  2. The venue details of where the tests will be performed
  3. The details of the contact person
  4. Some additional information as documents which may be helpful for the reviewing and/or witnessing agencies in evaluating the performance of the tests as Quality Assurance Plans
  5. The quantity that will be offered for inspection to the contractor/owner. 

tBits CollabWrite - Inspection Call Management Module - enables you to automatically generate the Inspection Call in the formats as are required for the project and enables the parties to track all the Inspection Call for a said equipment from initiation to their logical closure (as issue of material dispatch clearance certificate).