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Bi-directional Email Integration

What is Bi-Directional Email Integration

For the pushing information to end user, tBits CollabWrite document control software extensively sends notifications by emails and optionally by SMS’s. The email that are sent to end user are completely configurable in terms of layout (How the email notification should look like) and content (what needs to be sent and how it needs to be sent - weather the attachments are to be sent as attachments along with the emails or they are to be sent as hyperlinks).  Sending the email notifications from application to end users is commonly referred as one way email integration.

In case, for the said module, it is expected that the user will also interact with the application, then the users can simply reply to the email notification that they have received to register their reply.  The functionality where the users can give their comments by replying to the email notifications generated by the application is referred as Bi-Directional Email Integration.

So – If you have received a correspondence from the system and you need to respond back it, all you need to do is click reply button on your email client and compose your email, add attachments if applicable and send your email.

tBits supports all standard email clients as Lotus Notes, MS OutLook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Web-based email services as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail etc or Mobile based mail clients as available for iOS, Android,  Symbian or blackberry mobile operating systems.

What are Benefits of Bi-Directional Email Integration

  1. Improved Convenience – Replying to urgent correspondences etc from your email client is much easier as against on a web-application for registering your response.
  2. Reduced Workload for document controllers – Bi-directional Email integration reduces the work associated with document control and records management as there is no need of manual intervention for maintaining your project correspondences as all your email responses coming back to you are automatically filed (Example – Something similar to Conversation feature in Gmail).
  3. Reduced Risk – there is a zero risk associated with missing correspondences for filing etc. Having all records at a single place ensures that in a claim type of situation, you don’t sit in searching for the emails that were exchanged 2 years ago in the project and were addressed to the colleagues of yours who possibly have moved on from the firm.
  4. Improve Productivity - The new correspondences that you initiate from the system automatically give references to the email responses that you received to the communication that you had earlier. This ensures that your latest correspondences are complete with correct information and you don’t need to spend your time and energy in finding & creating references.