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Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Management

In the execution of very large projects, millions of man-hours per month are spent in project execution when the work at site is in full swing. There are thousands of men/women working at site along with very large equipments performing lifting and other material handling operations. 

Inevitability, in these very large projects, there are incidents and accident that happen in execution due to various reasons leading even to fatalities. Consequently, management of the safe working conditions as well as proactive identification of risks and hazards in ensuring safe working conditions for people is of paramount importance for the Owner Firms. The firms, therefore, have dedicated Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Risk Prevention Team who 

  1. Raise Awareness about the risks.
  2. Perform audits for identification and correction of the risks and hazards. 
  3. Perform the investigation of each and every safety incident & accident.
  4. Generate reports about safety parameters. 

tBits CollabWrite Safety, Health & Environmental Risk Prevention Module assists the HSE Teams by providing a web-based system for the project participants to report, collaboratively investigate, and take corrective and preventive actions(CAPA) in response to incidents and accidents. 

Any incident and accident event can be routed though workflows for fact-finding and investigation. The decision and recommendation of Corrective and Preventive actions can be tracked for compliance by the EHS Department people and the concerned business stakeholders. 

The concerned project management team can also track in realtime the progress of the issues and if there are inordinate delays due to things getting stuck-up in decision making, the system provides reminders, performs escalations and sends automated reports to the stakeholders for expediting the implementation of CAPA Action Items

The EHS teams can use the MS Excel type web-based interface for putting the action items with the concerned users from their mobile devices and can track the performance of the project team for complaiance with the recommendations offered.

The inbuild audit planning & scheduling abilities - also enables the delegation of the audits to the cross-functional teams and enables the EHS team to coordinate and track the audit schedules for efficient EHS Policy implementation.