Drawing Register

Drawing Register (also sometime referred as Drawing Control Register or Master Document List) - In the start of the EPC Project, the contract will create a list of the drawings that are to be submitted by the contractor to the owner for his review. This list of drawings is generally referred as Master Drawings List or Drawing Register. The drawing Register has the following attributes:

  1. It lists all the drawings that are deliverable for the contractor to the owner - including the title, vendor document number, owner document number, contractor document number, Revision Series to be followed etc as applicable,
  2. It also lists some basic metadata associated with the drawing as Discipline, Type of Drawings (Layouts, Single Line Diagrams, Process & Instrumentation layouts etc)
  3. It also lists the schedule of drawings - the planned submission dates to owner.
  4. Further - gradually the transaction information with respect to the other agency is also captured in terms of when the revision A was submitted for review, what was the planned comment date, when was it actually comments, what as the decision given by the client, what has been the delay associated with both the submission and decision etc.
  5. Measurement of the Physical Progress of Engineering based on submission schedules and decision received from the owners etc.

The drawing register form the basis of the tracking of the documents from planning to As-Built in the project and the data which is contained in the drawing register forms the basis of most of the reports and sections for engineering that are to be submitted as a part of the Monthly Progress Report.