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Reduce Cost, The Project Constraint Triangle of Money, Time and Quality

Reduce Costs

An enterprise solution as tBits CollabWrite can assist you in reducing the overall costs of managing your business process associated with Document Control and Records Management as follows:
1. Productivity increase of the people involved in the document control life-cycle : Various sources for the increase in productivity are as follows:

2. Business Process Re-Engineering - For a capex intensive industry as Oil & Gas, Process, Thermal Power etc - if we are able to reduce the overall time associated with creation, review and management of documents/drawings using process re-engineering techniques - then that is a very substantial saving for the project - particularly for the owner firms. TransBit Technologies partners with you in redesigning your document control and project records management business processes to reduce cost, improve productivity and reduce risks while managing the most critical resource in knowledge economy - Intellectual Property. 
The firm is able to achive the following by:

  • Moving from Paper Based Process to Digital Paper processes for creation, transmittal, review and approval of documents.
  • By designing the application for automation of business process with optimal optimisation for user interface to ensure ease of usage and adoption of application by firm.
  • By assisting the document control departments in operation of the system by using RoBOTic Document Control Digital Assistants.

Various customers of TransBit Technologies have performed audit after the change in their processes after a couple of years post implementation and have quantified the benefits that they have achieved in real-terms. The success case studies for post deployment audits are available here. Please contact our consultant for also result driven approach for your projects for RoBOTic Document Control