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Water is fundamental requirement for survival. With limited availability of potable water and increased demand on account of various industrial usages, water has become a constrained resource.

Various industrial processes are available to convert saline and raw water into a grade that can be used for human consumption or for industrial applications.

“The person who can solve the water problems of the world should receive two Nobel prizes, one for peace and the other for science.” President John F. Kennedy.

Medium to large scale water projects are being undertaken across the world to meet the rising demand of water.

tBits has been used in various Water Treatment Projects as

  1. Effluent Treatment Plants
  2. Sewerage Treatment Plants
  3. Desalination Plants
  4. De-mineralized (DM) Water Plants

These projects are typically executed following the Engineering, Procurement & Construction Methodology where water systems themselves become a package in overall projects needing water treatment.

tBits CollabWrite – over the life cycle of the Engineering, Procurement & Construction projects  in Energy Sector – assists by performing the following functions:

tBits Modules used across the project phases

  1. Correspondence Management
  2. Minutes of Meeting Management
  3. Issue & Task Management

tBits usage in Engineering Phase:

Document Control– Management of Basic Engineering documents

tBits usage in Procurement Phase

tBits usage in Construction Phase:

Post Project Execution Usage

  • Engineering support management
  • As-Built Document Management & Control