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Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed Engineering Design

Detailed Engineering - During the basic engineering of a project - the parameters associated with the various components & equipment are frozen. The above phase also includes the process of creation of tender documents, which are used for subcontracting or the purchase of the equipment using bidding methods. Once the package has been awarded to the successful bidder, the bidder - as per his requirements and complying to the basic engineering design constraints that are imposed on the bidder in the contract document, creates his designs which are to be submitted to the owner or the owners' consultant for review. This phase of the project is generally referred as vendor engineering phase or the detailed engineering phase.

During the detailed engineering phase - most of the critical aspects associated with construction and fabrication are done in detail - including the interconnections between the equipments as Piping Design etc.

tBits CollabWrite assists the firms in management of their detailed engineering documents including multi-disciplinary review and commenting, squad checks, submission and drawings review workflow automation, etc.