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Release for Construction Drawings

Release for Construction (Also referred as Construction Shop Drawings ,Architectural Construction Drawings, Construction Designs Drawings,Working Drawings for Construction, Shop Drawings for Construction) - Release for Construction (RFC) usually refers to achievement of a milestone for a document in Project Engineering design review. 

The terms stipulates that the overall engineering parameters that the drawings etc contains has been accepted by the owner and owner has given approval / conditional approval for the commencement of work using the drawing at site. RFC is a major milestone signifying a substantial completion of the engineering activity of the specified deliverable. 

It is further important to note that achievement should be considered as a milestone only. Even after the RFC, there are changes that happen on the RFC document due to site related constraints - as are raised in Field Design Change Note and/or Design Change Note. Such changes may lead to the re-initiation of the complete engineering design review and can lead to release of revised RFC's. These changes continue - till we get to As-Built Stage.

Sometimes - as the construction happens using the paper plot of drawings - before a drawing is released for construction, there are special markings that are made on the documents so that they can be read one the field to ensure that the firms are using the latest version of the drawings for construction. Not to use the latest version of the drawing for the construction is one of the most common mistakes that can happen in a project and has serious schedule and cost implications.