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Commissioning - It is also sometimes referred as Project Commissioning. Commissioning refers to process of assuring that all the plant components, sub-systems, systems etc work as per the designed specifications. Commissioning involves through tests to be done on each each component to ensure that is meets the intended specifications. Usually when these tests are done, there are discrepancies (Minor Or Major) found - which needs to be corrected in a time bound manner for the commissioning to be completed. These deficiencies are usually referred to as "Punch Lists". The punch lists are usually very large in number and essentially are action items on which the equipment supplier or equipment commissioning agency has to take corrective actions. Once the complete punch-list has been liquidated, only then the retention amount associated with the contract is released. tBits CollabWrite assists the firms in making the commissioning plans, commissioning checklists, get the same reviewed by the engineers & other experts, review the readiness of commissioning at site by ensuring the availability of inputs and creating and tracking the PunchLists