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Automated Creation of Document Coversheets

What is Document/Deliverable Coversheet?

It’s a common practice in most projects to have a coversheet accompanying the documents in the format as prescribed by the Owner giving the details of the document and also providing the space to the owner to give the decision on the documents.

The coversheet contains

  1. The basic information about the document as title, Document Number, Revision, Submission & decision History etc.
  2. Coversheets also have space available for the owner to give a decision on the documents(Project Decision Codes).

How is Document / Deliverable Cover-Sheet Generation Happen in Projects?

The conventional submission process in the organizations is as follows:

What are the Drawbacks of Manual Generation of Document / Deliverable Coversheets?

tBits CollabWrite comes equipped with automated document coversheet generation capabilities. The moment the document controllers or discipline engineers upload the submission file into the application, the coversheet – in the format as applicable to the said project – is automatically created and appended into the submissions file taking care of the document numbering etc.

What are the Benefits of Automated Coversheet Generation?

  1. The document is created by the concerned discipline lead engineers.
  2. The document is then emailed to Document Control Center / Document Controllers for onward submission to the concerned agencies.
  3. The document Controllers create the coversheets of the document with all required details as per the format as prescribed by the
  4. Append the coversheet to the documents, convert the documents into the submission file formats – usually PDF and then proceed to create manually the transmittal of the document.
    1. Generation of the Coversheet is a manual, time consuming and error prone process as number of details are to be filled on the coversheet – whose format is different for different projects and takes up a major time of document controllers in performing the tasks.
    1. Huge increase in the productivity of Document Controllers as the most time consuming task is completely automated.
    2. Improvement in Overall submission quality due to elimination of errors in the cover sheets – particularly related to the transaction history of the deliverable.
    3. For different projects – the formats of the cover sheets can be different and are completely configurable.