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Audit Action Item Management

An effective Risk Management and Process Improvement initiative calls for regular Audits in any organization. 

These audits reduce the chance of non-compliance and contribute to process improvement and non-compliance risk reduction. With rising business complexity and the types of audits that an organization needs to conduct, it has made essential for any organization to have an Audit Management System

The Audit Action Item Management Suite is designed to help organizations to manage wide range of Audit related Action Items, Activities, Documents and Processes. The Action item tracking system provides flexibility to support all types of audits, including internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits and quality audits. 

The product suite is equipped with the following major features and capabilities. 

  • Audit Planning and Scheduling - Audit Life cycle Management from audit planning to audit closure. 
  • Audit Action Item Management – Initiate, discussion, and track all audit action items during their complete lifecycle - including Automated Reminder and Escalations as per business rules. 

Business Benefits:

  • Complete solution form audit planning to audit action item closure.
  • Increased Accountability due to complete Audit trail of all the actions taken by users. 
  • Improved monitoring as a result of Reminders, Escalations and Reports 
  • Ensures timely completion of audit action items and incase of non-compliance
  • Ease of Use - Reply to the emails received from system to contribute to the audit discussion. The Bi-Directional email integration ensures that people - including external people - can be up and running with the usage of the system in no time as no Training is required. 
  • Have centralized business rules and business intelligence reports that push meaningful real-time information to decision makers. The powerful inbuilt business intelligence and rule engine ensures that if there is a non-compliance - the information will be pushed to the relevant decision makers by the system itself.